Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Security & Hacking: ComboFix Infected & Why

sUBs was infected,
"I was infected. Actually not so unlikely since I have to on a daily basis, download/processes a large amount of malware specimens. After so many years, this is the first time which I unintentionally infected myself; reason being a faulty mice which triggered an unwanted double click within a zipped attachment of live samples. For those affected, I offer my deepest apologies. It was never my intention to distribute malware. "

So he handles Malware samples on the same machine that he uses for uploading ComboFix?

Supposed to be fixed now,

Might be good idea if your set on using this software, to update it quarterly or something, so if  you need to use it, there will have been enough time for crowd sourcing to spot a problem?

Though AV software isn't much good without recent updates, so I don't even like that suggestion of mine.

Personally I tend towards once bitten, twice shy for AV & related software.

For example, I have had problems with AVG in the past, and will never use them again, or recommend them.

Though all software has bugs, IMHO a critical bug is different thing entirely from loss of some functionality.

AV software that infects your machine is kinda like a doctor that makes you sicker than you were before you saw them.

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