Monday, October 27, 2014

Starcraft 2 Thoughts: Roach Baneling vs Terran

Symbol (Z) vs Flash (T)

Very nice Zerg play!

A few significant choices Symbol made worth pointing out IMO:
  • In his first attack, he made a point to focus down 4 Supply Depots (3 at third base, & 1 at wall in Natural), this supply blocked Terran for a bit.
  • He also destroyed the 2 Ebays that were part of the front wall.
  • He immediately withdrew after accomplishing these limited objectives (ie he didn't overextend).

I've blogged before about how strong Roach & Banelings with Air Support can be, see this TLO vs Satini game, though I tend to favor Corrupters over the Mutas used here.

I prefer Corrupters because I feel they are more cost efficient vs Terran than Mutas.

Six (6) Corrupters will 2 shot Medivacs, so 6 to 12 Corrupters in early game, and in mid or late game Broodlords can be much more useful than Mutas.

Midgame I would use them more for harassment on certain maps that have dead air space behind bases.

You can fly 1 or 2 Corrupters behind a Terran base, and then upgrade them to Broodlord.

If you do that to 2 bases at same time, and have a Nydus network, you can drop Nydus in weak or undefended base with Broodlings providing vision & cover for Nydus.

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