Thursday, May 29, 2014

Snowden responds to email NSA released via ICON

I Blogged here about supposedly only email NSA could find where Snowden seemed to be following procedure for complaints, concerns, & whistle blowing.

I had more than one sad chuckle reading Snowden's response at The Washington Post

Like I speculated in my previous blog post, Snowden realized the official system wasn't designed to correct problems.

He states that in the article linked above.

But more telling, he mentions another specific correspondence that they certainly have:

"Today’s release is incomplete, and does not include my correspondence with the Signals Intelligence Directorate’s Office of Compliance, which believed that a classified executive order could take precedence over an act of Congress, contradicting what was just published. It also did not include concerns about how indefensible collection activities - such as breaking into the back-haul communications of major US internet companies - are sometimes concealed under E.O. 12333 to avoid Congressional reporting requirements and regulations."

Source for quote same as link at top

Sure sounds to me like Snowden's focus is to bring accountability to NSA & other agencies under the DNI

I'd also suggest reading

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