Monday, May 5, 2014

Pen Testing: Pwnie Express new Nexus 5 based phone

1/13/15 Updated link to software download page due to changes on Pwnie Express site: new link to download page, confusingly labelled IMHO "Community" is


Pwnie Express is a pretty awesome company,, you have probably heard of their Pwn Plug even if you don't recognize the company's name.

They have a new Pen Testing phone out called:  Pwn Phone 2014

Product link

They aren't cheap, but Pwnie Express also provides free downloads for the entire software suite they use in their products.

It usually take a little time for new product's software to be added, but they already have software for 2014 Pwn Pad, Nexus 7 based, available.

Download [Updated link 1/13/15] if you want to use your existing Nexus 7, they should have the Nexus 5 download available in near future as well.

The downloads for DIY are listed under "Community Editions & Legacy Product Downloads"

If I can find the time this week, I will also track down current hardware accessories they offer, & update this post or make post dealing with accessories.

Meanwhile you can view hardware accessories I listed for the 2013 Pwn Pad

Probably newer options available for some of those products, but those should work.

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