Monday, May 5, 2014

Hardware Hacking: "MacBook Pro Thunderbolt 2 Sonnet III-D GTX 780 Ti

Link for Youtube

Link with details

Anandtech article:

Very Interesting!

Something I have been interested in since Thunderbolt came out, though I don't think it is going to be practical enough for me.

I've decided for my needs & wants the new (2014) 14" Razer Blade laptop makes lot more sense & what I am saving up to get as replacement for my Windows 7 laptop.

Still think external GPU, specially combined with docking station or high res monitor & docking connector (something like Apple's Thunderbolt display, but with 4K, and external GPU(s) to game on it) makes a lot of sense.

Problem is most people just want cheap netbook or a tablet.

Plus, since many (most?) gamers either make their own machines or have friends build them a gaming rig, I doubt the companies that could reasonably make dock with external GPU would ever be able to make profit.


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