Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nerd News: Samsung September 4, 2013 Event & Live Stream

[Note: if you start embedded live stream before event, it will display a countdown timer]

Live Stream link

If rumors are correct we will get to see new Galaxy Note 3!

We might also see a new Smartwatch.

As I blogged about a year ago I was really interested in the Note 2, unfortunately I couldn't fit that into my budget until a few months ago, so I decided to wait for Note 3, got a cheap Nokia Lumia 521 (WP8) to tide me over, since my Blackberry was failing.

Of course Google dropped price on the Nexus 4 week after I went with the Lumia 521, seems like the way it always goes for me T_T

I am hoping we see a Google Play edition of the Note 3, really really want that.

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