Monday, August 26, 2013

Minecraft Prepaid PC & Mac cards in USA & AUS

Problems buying Minecraft with Credit Card in USA or Australia?

Or wanting to gift the game in those countries?

Your far from the only person.

Girlfriend and I have been wanting to do Minecraft LAN, but only had copy on my machine, when I went to buy a copy for her, found out can't buy Minecraft (from USA) with credit card, and I refuse to use PayPal for several reasons (have more than one friend that has been really screwed by them & I don't mean over something little like a game or two).

I was looking for a solution for close to 2 weeks before I stumbled on this little tidbit on their site, accidentally via a Google search (full list of stores that carry them at link)

You can buy Minecraft Prepaid Card at local chain stores, lets you pay cash so no need for credit card or PayPal account.

I had (foolishly?) been looking in store and thought the card was something like card game tie in (like Pokeman cards or something).

Think part of the issue might be it isn't written by native US English speaker?

If it was labeled as "Minecraft Prepaid Card" on the Store page, like it is when you click on the link from the store, it would have been clear from the beginning.

Important Note:  You MUST include the spaces in the CODE from the Prepaid card for it to work, returns error otherwise.

Additional Minecraft resources

I plan a post in the very near future setting up Mac to PC Minecraft LAN, which we are using, I have it working smoothly, but still doing some tests to make sure I don't include any redundant steps, or miss any common bugs.

I came close to giving up for a while, and using old Win 7 laptop instead of Mac, and my Google searches showed me I am not only person having problem.

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