Thursday, September 5, 2013

Nerd News: Paypal likes to freeze accounts it seems

Article today at Ars about Paypal freezing Mailpile's account

Paypal has frozen Notch's, the Master of Minecraft, Paypal account at least twice before, according to his blog posts: (15 Jun 2009) I wonder why I used paypal.. & (10 Sep 2010) Working on a Friday update, crying over paypal.

If you live in US or Australia you can buy Minecraft Prepaid cards from many stores, I blogged details at

I am not a fan of Paypal, I have blogged about the reasons before, see Paypal Make It Right!

Just click on Paypal or Minecraft labels to see all my posts on those topics, labels can also be found in cloud at left side of blog, or at bottom left of every post.

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