Saturday, July 14, 2012

TwitchTV Mod Chat Bug

Cut and past from there:
There is currently with an issue with the userlist not populating on many channels. This typically happens during events when the chat server is under heavy load. Also, related to this issue, moderator status may not displaying properly as well preventing mods from seeing the timeout and ban options in the web chat. Twitch is aware of the issue but there is not user end solution at this time.

If you are a mod in a channel, the chat commands will still work for moderation. These commands are:
  • /timeout [username]
  • /ban [username]
  • /unban [username]
  • /slow & /slowoff
Don't type the [ ].

You can also confirm you are a mod by typing "/mods" and make sure you are on the list.
I am Mod a few places and I have been having trouble with this myself on and off, seems random from my end, ie doesn't matter Browser or OS, so not much you can do if other than use the "/" commands, and some people I know have even reported problems with "/" commands not working.

If anyone has any more information please share it in comments, so far I can still get by allowing anonymous posts, if Spam gets to bad for me to keep that up, you will still be able to post with Open ID (most people on net have them, if you have Gmail/Yahoo/etc you have one already).

I will post updates if I find out any more.

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