Monday, July 9, 2012

SC2 Up & Coming with guest xSixSuppy

SC2 Up & Coming is a weekly podcast, dedicated to the up and coming Starcraft II scene. Each week we will focus on the players, teams, and leagues. Our plan is to shed some light on some of the lesser known players and teams. We will also keep you up to date on qualifying events, LAN events, as well as major tournaments. Hosted by NanMan, ALTWindy, & SamSc2.

Episode 1 will be an introduction episode for the first half. Introducing the hosts and the segments that we will cover each week. We will also have a special guest, xSixSuppy to talk about ESEA.

When: July 10, 2012 Tue 10:30 KST/Tue 03:30 CEST//July 9, 2012 Mon 21:30 EDT/Mon 18:30 PDT

Thread: Official SC2 Up & Coming Podcast Thread

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