Saturday, April 21, 2012

Starcraft 2 Thoughts: Defending vs heavy Ghost & Nukes

This game, Liquid`Jinro(T) v SlayerS.Brown(P), on Daybreak, from Korean Ladder cast & uploaded by Ipp, from RagequitTV on 4/20/2012, shows Jinro's Ghost/Nuke focused late game vs Protoss.

I was impressed with Brown's strong defense to this Ghost/Nuke style Jinro used, my comments & thoughts, with spoilers below the VOD.

SlayerS Brown was using good tactics, that displayed a solid understanding of the difference between his race (Protoss) and the enemy Terran.

Yes, everyone knows the differences, but not everyone integrates those differences fully into their strategy and tactics.

Brown clearly did in this game.

After an even fight, no one ahead or behind, at 41:09 game time ( 29:36 VOD time) he instantly warped in 19 Zealots and pressed attack again, since he knew Terran couldn't rebuild that fast.

Additionally, tactically speaking, that played to the weakness of the Ghosts, as a spell caster, when they use up their mana they are much weaker!

I think the Protoss' unit comp was important as well, though not the unit comp I would use vs heavy Ghost, Brown was making a lot of HT, and keeping a lot of Archons around.

That seems counter intuitive, since an Archon is basically nothing but a glowing ball of shields, and EMP drops shields 100 points at a time, but I think Brown was doing this to try and draw EMP's from the Ghosts.

EMP costs 75 energy, and it takes at least two of them to seriously weaken an Archon, and a Ghost with no energy to cloak is a lot easier to deal with, also Jinro was using Ghost/Marauder/Viking, and Archons are neither Armored or Light.

So Archon would not get hit by bonus damage from Ghost or Marauder attacks!

Plus you would maybe do some splash damage to cloaked Ghosts with that many Archons.

Brown was also keeping 2-3 units cued up on each Robo (you can see this at ~45:44 game time/32:52 VOD time), I found that very interesting, normally in the early game that is a bad idea, because it ties up resources that could be better spent on something that will complete sooner.

It seemed like Brown was doing it deliberately though, perhaps he was trying to minimize replacement time on his Robo units?  I am not sure why he was doing it, but I am pretty sure he was doing it on purpose.

If anyone has any thoughts on that please share them in the comments section.

Hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did, if you would like to see more posts like this click Starcraft 2 Thoughts, you can also find that label at bottom left of the blog post, or in the Label Cloud at left side of the Blog, as well as other, selected labels.



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