Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Security Now Podcast

I really like the Security Now Podcast with Steve Gibson, alternate podcast link on TwitTV, Steve is a total Nerd Baller, he has had Nerd jobs since he was 13 years old!

For more on Steve Gibson see Wiki on him or his webpage http://www.grc.com/intro.htm

He also provides some useful computer software, including freeware.

Computer Nerds may want to look at SpinRite (Note: SpinRite is NOT free) his HDD recovery tool, it works on pretty much any HDD, even things like Tivo and console games. 

I find this podcast useful for Computer news and tidbits, and sometimes neat Hacker tidbits.

Not saying it is for everyone, I am not a true hard core computer geek myself, but I usually understand enough from this show to know if I want to google or look up links mentioned to learn more.

I also like the fact that they provide several resources for each podcasts, including transript, below is a list from Gibson's website:

Each episode has SIX resources:

High quality 64 kbps mp3 audio file
Quarter size, bandwidth-conserving,
16 kbps (lower quality) mp3 audio file
A web page with any supplementary notes
A web page text transcript of the episode
A simple text transcript of the episode
Ready-to-print PDF (Acrobat) transcript  
If you have any other tech or computer security podcasts that you recommend, please suggest them in the comments section below. No need to log in to post. GL HF, Cliff

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