Tuesday, April 3, 2012

HSM 2012 Easter: ZingerXPn

Zinger is in the Holiday Show Match (HSM) Easter 2012, click link for more information on the showmatch, but this Blog post is about Zinger.

Zinger is a GM NA Zerg, he is Korean, but was born in the United States.  He is currently a College Senior at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) majoring in Computer Engineering, and he has a job lined up as soon as he graduates.

He started playing more competitively in SC2 when he discovered that his College, had an official team in the Collegiate Star League (CSL). 

For more on CSL: www.cstarleague.com.

Zinger's CSL team, is currently ranked very high in the league and they will soon be playing in the playoffs. 
One of his college teammates suggested he join, the primarily Korean, clan PlayXP (XPn) as it had a strong roster for practice partners.

Zinger greatly improved his play, "by constantly pestering my clanmates for practice matches" after joining XPn.

Zinger hasn't participated in any matches representing XPn until recently, he was not part of XPn's roster during the American Pro League season.

I first saw ZingerXPn play in a LXG Open, several months ago, before he made GM. 

His play reminds me more than a little of Violet, so I wasn't surprised when I learned while interviewing him, that Violet is one of his favorite Zerg.

Both NanMan (founder of LXG) and myself, became instant fans of Zinger, and started following him, after that LXG Open.

Zinger is my favorite non pro player, though both Zinger & myself want him to become pro or semi pro.  I have been doing what I can to get him recruited by a pro team.

I should have asked him if his parents would support him going Pro? 

I wonder if Korean parents are more accepting of that than a lot of foreigner parents?  Great question for followup interview!

More on Zinger:

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