Thursday, July 28, 2011

MLG Anaheim!

Link Here to main MLG Anaheim post, list of links for all stream, schedule, brackets, etc.

Can't wait!  I will be blogging about the whole weekend, unless the storms forecast for my area take out power or something like that.

I will focus on Catz & rest of Complexity, but will cover other highlights.

Really looking forward to how ColTriMaster & Spanishiwa do, AFAIK it is the first big tournament for both of them.

I have a Twitter Box at bottom of my Blog, show current tweets about MLG Anaheim, also has AskJoshy tweets, because he is usually on top of stuff at SC2 events.  So if stream goes down or something he usually tweets about it.  Or other items of note.

I also have post from few days ago link here with all kinds of links for MLG Anaheim.

Go Catz!!!!!!!!!

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