Thursday, July 21, 2011

MLG Anaheim July 29, 2011- July 31,2011 Info, RSS feeds, stream links, replay links

MLG tends to have a horrible webpage UI, so I will be putting up links for most everything I can think of or find here, all in one location, so it is easier to find.

Link to all MLG VODs

MLG Open Bracket from Teamliquid site

Teamliquid Twitter feed for MLG

MLG Pools from Teamliquid

MLG Red Stream Direct

MLG Blue Stream Direct

Leader Boards [can't find brackets yet]

General Info

Some Schedule information

All Players

MLG Forums

More Schedule information

Red Stream Link  [Teamliquid portal]

Blue Stream Link [Teamliquid portal]

Replay Link [will be up ASAP]

I can put World Clock gadget up here for any time zone, if you want one just ask.  Makes it a lot easier to catch matches you really want to see.

I will add links to replays ASAP.

I added a twitter gadget to bottom of this blog for the event, will show tweets related to the event.  Also helps to figure what is going on when MLG has a technical problem which they usually do.

I am Rooting for ColCatz & the rest of Complexity.

Go Catz!!  Go Complexity!

Go ColTrimaster!  Think this is his first big tournament.  Catz recruited him for Complexity.


I am also a big Kiwikaki fan.  Go Kiwikaki!!
Is Kiwi playing?  I didn't see his name in the list?

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