Sunday, January 4, 2015

Starcraft 2 Thoughts: ZvT Nydus Terran's 3rd

Game 2 of Solar vs Yoda in "The Fight Before Christmas"

For some time I have been telling Zerg they should use Nydus for a lot more than cheesy sneak attacks inside opponents base.

While effective when it works, it relies on failure of opponent to have proper vision of their base to be successful, which fits my working definition of Cheese.

In contrast, using a Nydus to block Terran's Third, like this case, should at least delay expansion timing.

Not that blocking the 3rd was a significant priority in this particular case, it was probably intended more to make it harder to spot & target the Nydus.

But with similar timing, you could drop a Nydus at Terran's likely 4th base, have a Queen hop through and drop a Creep tumor or 2 and spread a lot of creep.

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