Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Android & iPhone Battery replacement

For Apple there are a couple of choices, send it to Apple (by mail or Brick & Mortar Apple Store location), or DIY [Do It Yourself].

WARNING:  For iPhones & Android phones (the ones that don't have readily swappable battery) replacing battery will generally void your warranty because you have opened up the device's case.

Note if you send it to Apple there is a $6.95 USD shipping fee in addition to the price for battery replacement.

Link for Apple battery replacement

DIY option, IMHO simplest DIY approach is to use iFixit,, in addition to the guides, the iFixit store offers the parts & tools needed to repair devices.

Though it varies by model battery replacement for the iPhones seem to be a little easier than iPad, and the iPod Touch 5th Gen is one of the most difficult since it requires a "temperature controlled soldering iron".

For Android, AFAIK its generally going to be DIY unless your device is still under warrenty, iFixit also offers Guides for Android & Windows Phone

VOD of Nexus 7 (pretty easy) battery replacement

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