Monday, November 3, 2014

SC2 Thoughts: Power of Queens x Nydus!

Life (Z) vs Stats (P)

Comments with Spoilers below:




This was a well planned & executed counter to Stats play.

Few points I want to emphasize:

Life used a burrowed Zergling to provide vision for Nydus, this provides more tactical surprise, as well as being safer since what isn't seen can't be killed or pushed back.

Burrow is started at 10:15 at same time Life is getting a Zergling into Stats main for a complete scout.

The Zergling that provides vision for the Nydus is sent at ~13:13 game time link to that momment

Note:  In addition to that Ling, there are 2 others to either side of it, for total of 3 Lings, all burrowed, providing vision on the left side of Protoss half of the map.

Also, more importantly for that Nydus attack, the 2 additional burrow Lings provide vision in case Protoss tries to flank or surround the Nydus force.

At nearly the same time as the Lings on the left are being burrowed, Life sends a group of Zerglings around right side of map for both Scouting and attempt at another run by into Natural/Main (typical Life Ling Tactics).

Near end of the game, Stats does send a Probe or two to drop a Pylon near Life's 4th Base (Bottom Right) while the Nydus attack is in progress.

But realizes there is no way he can put enough pressure on there to win a base race and GG's moments after that Pylon finishes.

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