Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Windows Phone 8 T Mobile Texting problems

This seems to be WP8 problem on WiFi for Texting, I have been doing some digging, since I experience this problem frequently.

Best information I have found so far, from the customers not T Mobile of course, is here

Could be worse, if you have WP8 on Verizon, lot of problems with Texting issue that looks similar to this one, but more pervasive (perhaps not limited to WiFi?).

Haven't found any useful work arounds for the Verizon Texting problem, other than temporary *maybe* fixes like:  reboot, battery pull, deleting Texting threads, resets, etc.

Still looking for useful information on random crashes & reboots, as well as screen freezing when call comes in so you can't answer the call.

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