Monday, January 20, 2014

"Extra Credits" on gaming Difficulty and Fun

Couple of very good discussions on gaming, IIRC Extra Credits is associated with Penny Arcade,, in some fashion.

Direct link for Youtube above
Link for Extra Credits Youtube Channel

They do an exceptional job of articulating some of the differences in games and gamers.

Stuff I'd understood, but never heard clearly stated before, I know I much prefer games of Depth, as they term it, big part of the reason I still like Diablo 2 but can't stand Diablo 3.

Or Chess vs Checkers.

Difficulty isn't the motivator, or at least not the sole motivator, I also like Minecraft.

Worth watching if your into gaming, and very worth following IMHO.

Twitter and more info for them is available on their Youtube Channel.

Link for VOD

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