Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Steve Gibson's Secure Login (SQRL) Concept


Security Now Episode 424:  Steve Gibson introduces the idea (Video & Audio Podcast, or streaming)

This looks very very interesting, I am looking forward to seeing how this works out.

SQRL is pronounced "Squirrel" ^_^

I lack the expertise to vet this idea, but it sounds very good to me, would solve a lot of problems for average users, while providing very strong security that would be difficult to compromise.

Looking forward to the development of SQRL, and hats off to Steve for making it public domain!!

From Practical Considerations section of first page of documentation:
"Did I invent anything? I don't care. Even if some aspects of this system are novel, and might be subject to intellectual property protection, this is too important and much bigger than me. It should be made free for the world to use without encumbrance. With this publication of every detail, I hereby release and disclaim any and all proprietary rights to any new ideas developed and presented herein. This work is thereby added to the public domain."

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