Thursday, April 4, 2013

Holiday Show Match 2013: Quantic HwangSin (P) vs compLexity qxc (T)

Nanman and myself are excited to bring you our first Holiday Show Match (HSM) of 2013.

HwangSin (P) vs qxc (T) in a Bo7 Showmatch

This time we are doing the Easter HSM live, previously cast from replays.

For more about compLexity see or Quantic see

TL Thread 

When: Sat April 6 09:00 KST/Sat 02:00 CEST/ Sat 01:00 BST/ Sat 00:00 (midnight) UTC || Fri April 05 21:00 BRT/20:00 (8pm) EDT/19:00 (7pm) CDT/17:00 (5pm) PDT

Stream: Nanman will be Live casting each show match at

Prizes: Winner $50 loser takes home $25

Format: Loser picks next map from Map Pool. Maps may only be used once. This is a Best of 7 series!

Map Pool:
  • Akilon Wastes 
  • Bel'Shir Vestige 
  • Whirlwind 
  • Cloud Kingdom 
  • Daybreak 
  • Newkirk City 
  • Star Station 
  • Neo Planet S 
  • Icarus

For previous events click HSM (Holiday Showmatch)

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